First SQLCambs User Group meeting and Speakers announced!

I’m very happy to announce that the very first SQLCambs User Group meeting will take place on Wednesday 5th October and will be held in the Redgate offices in Cambridge. The User Group meeting is being run as part of the very first SQL Server Relay events which are occurring over a 4 days period culminating in the finale in London.

I am so very proud to say that we have two of the best in the business speaking at our first ever session in Cambridge – MVP Jen Stirrup and MVP Allan Mitchell both of Copper Blue Consulting. I cannot put into words what an honour it is for for SQLCambsUG for them both to help launch or first ever meeting, what a start!

Data Visualization expert MVP Jen Stirrup will be presenting first on :-
iPad and PowerPivot – Mobile Business Intelligence in Action

Mobile Business Intelligence allows end users to access data to support their decisions, irrespective of time and place. The Apple iPad is the definitive tablet of the decade, and is game-changer as a credible business tool. PowerPivot is a game-changer because it places data, and data structures, back in the hands of business users. Apple’s cutting edge usability, along with PowerPivot’s accessibility, can be combined to enhance productivity for mobile business users. Together, these technologies can support Mobile Business Intelligence as an essential tool for end users who need data ‘on the go’.

After a short break we will be getting some Denali action with MVP Allan “StreamInsight” Mitchell :-
Data Quality for Business – What Denali brings.
SQL Server Denali is Microsoft’s codename for the next release of SQL Server.  New to the box is Data Quality Services (DQS).  DQS is about building a Knowledge driven data quality solution around your data.  You can use it to perform such cleansing tasks as de-duplication, correction and standardization.  It also has a nice new component in SSIS allowing you to perform batch driven cleansing against your knowledge domain.

DQS is a precursor to another enhanced product in SQL Server Denali, Master Data Services (MDS).  MDS is about building master lists of your company’s entities enabling your enterprise to have a consistent view across the business for things like Customer and Product.
This session will dive into both technologies showing how they complement each other and why if you are serious about the quality of data in your enterprise you really need to be thinking of these tools.

I think you will agree, what an awesome line up and the best thing about all this is that it is totally FREE! So make sure you drop by UKSQLFAQ and register right now before someone else beats you to it!

The address for the event is…

The full address for the Cambridge UG event will be :-
Red Gate Software Ltd.
Newnham House
Cambridge Business Park
Cambridge, CB4 0WZ, UK

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