SQLCambs Special Event on Monday 21st November!

Register for SQLCambs User Group Event #2 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire  on Eventbrite

I am pleased to announce that our next meeting for the SQLCambs user group will be held on Monday the 21st November at the Redgate offices in Cambridge (thanks again to them for their support!). As before registration will occur between 18:00-18:30 where you will be able to grab a drink and a bite to eat and hopefully have a chat with some like minded souls.

Apologies for the very short notice for this meeting but I had to arrange it very promptly in order to take advantage of two of the leading experts in TDD (Test Driven Databases) in Sebastian Meine (blog|twitter) and Dennis LLoyd (blog) visiting the UK from America that week and I wanted to take the opportunity to get them to talk to us about a very exciting framework known as tSQLt which allows for automating your database unit testing. Why should we DBAs and Developers care? Well in short in means that we should have less defects in our databases – and this could mean that instead of  troubleshooting or fixing problems, we could instead all go and spend the afternoon in the pub together. Yes people it is going to be a WIN/ WIN situation for us all.

If that wasn’t enough for you, Mark Broadbent (twitter|blog) -yes that’s me! …is going to present on why being pessimistic isn’t such a bad thing. Yes that’s right, not only am I going to attempt to attack the use of NOLOCK and SNAPSHOT isolation (and let’s not forget READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT) I will do my very best to try and convince you that pessimistic concurrency is actually not such a bad thing after all.

If you want more details or the expanded version of the agenda, then please head over to the registration page. A brief overview of it can be found below.

18:00-18:30 Registration, Refreshments and food
The Warm Up

18:30-19:00 READPAST & Furious: In defence of being Pessimistic – Mark Broadbent

19:00-19:15 Break

The Main Event

19:15-20:45 TDD – Thwarting Database Defects – Sebastian Meine & Dennis LLoyd

20:45-21:00 Wrap up and Close

Register for SQLCambs User Group Event #2 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire  on Eventbrite

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