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Usergroup meetups #8 (31st July) and #9 (28th August) announced!

In keeping with our recent attempt at “last Thursday of the Month” I am happy to announce 2 more meetup dates of SQL Server sauciness.

Speakers and presentation details are being finalized, but book now if you want to guarantee your places.

Meetup #8 is on the evening of Thursday 31st July. Registration from 6. Eventbrite - Cambridgeshire SQL Server User Group #8

The first presentation of the evening is by Dave Ballantyne (web|twitter) who will talk on Estimation, Statistics : The basis of query optimization

Dave a data architect work for Win Technologies part of the Betway group.  He is a regular speaker at UK events such as SQL Bits and user groups and founder of the SQLLunch/SQLSupper User Groups.

At the heart of SQL Server is the cost based optimizer.  Stop and think about that a minute, it attempts to give the “best plan” based on the cost of the work undertaken.  How does it know the cost of the work before its done the work ? This isn’t a conundrum, it doesn’t.  It estimates!
How does it estimate ? That is statistics.

This will be a deep dive into how the optimizer makes its decisions to give you a plan, the things that can go wrong and how you can have influence over these choices.

Our second speaker of the night is Alex Yates who will be teaching us about Building an automated database deployment pipeline

Alex has worked with database change management tools for four years, collaborating closely with users and dev teams along the way. As a pre-sales engineer, he gets to see a huge variety of server and dev environments, and helps folks solve their database development and delivery problems in whatever way works well for them. Ever the sharer, he also blogs about the lessons he learns:

The pace of business accelerates fairly continuously and application development moves right with it. But we’re still trying to deploy databases the same way we did 10 years ago. This session addresses the need for changes in organizational structure, process and technology necessary to arrive at a nimble, fast, automatable and continuous database deployment process. We’ll use actual customer case studies to illustrate both the common methods and the unique context that led to a continuous delivery process that is best described as a pipeline. You will learn how to customize common practices and tool sets to build a database deployment pipeline unique to your environment in order to speed your own database delivery while still protecting your organization’s most valuable asset, it’s data.

Thank you as always to our kind sponsors Redgate for providing the venue and nibbles!

Meetup #9 will be on the evening of Thursday 28th August. Registration and frolicks from 6. Eventbrite - SQLCambs User Group Meetup #9