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The SQLCambs Yuletide Meetup

I’m delighted to announce a special Yuletide Edition of the Cambridgeshire SQL Server User Group on Tuesday 9th December 2014 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. We are delighted to have Tony Davis giving his first ever presentation for the User Group and Mark Broadbent will be giving his first for us in over 2 years. The agenda will be as follows:

  • 18:00 – Registration
  • 18:15 – Session 1 – Tony Davis presenting on “You did WHAT to my transaction log?!?!”
  • 19:15 – Break
  • 19:30 – Session 2 – Mark Broadbent (MCM) presenting on “Ye Olde Cluster Curiosity Shoppe – Clustering Tips, tricks and oddities”
  • 20:30 – Close!

To register for this meetup, please head over here.

Session 1: Tony Davis – You did WHAT to my transaction log?!?!

You won’t believe what people will do to the transaction log when they get into trouble. The log is full! The application is experiencing strange errors! Do something! In this session, I will apply commonly suggested advice from internet search results and various forums, in search of a fast remedy for explosive log growth. How bad could it be?

Fortunately, once you understand what the transaction log looks like, how SQL Server uses it to guarantee database consistency, and the factors that can prevent reuse of log space, the dangers of ‘quick fix’ advice will become readily apparent, as will the right way to diagnose and fix a full log file.

Note: no production servers will be harmed during this presentation.

Tony Davis is the editor of and websites and newsletters, with a combined audience of over 1.5 million subscribers.  Tony specializes in databases, and especially SQL Server. As the editor behind most of the SQL Server books published by Red Gate, he spends much of his time helping others express what they know about SQL Server. He is also the lead author of the book, SQL Server Transaction Log Management. In his spare time, he enjoys running, football, contemporary fiction and real ale.

Session 2: Mark Broadbent – Ye Olde Cluster Curiosity Shoppe – Clustering Tips, tricks and oddities

Welcome to the strange and mysterious world of SQL Server Failover Clustering and enter Ye Olde Cluster Curiosity Shoppe where we will reveal a miscellany of top tips, tricks and advice gained from nearly two decades of installing and troubleshooting SQL Clusters. Roll-up, roll-up! Come and see :- The horrifying “Shrunken Head” The stomach turning “Bearded Lady” The incredible “Many-Headed Cluster” The mystifying “Marie Celeste” The unbelievable “Zombie” The doom ridden “Installation of Death” The nightmare inducing “Bodysnatcher” The malevolent “Montezuma’s Revenge” …and many more freakish exhibits and top tips from the field of SQL Server Failover Clustering!

Mark Broadbent is a SQL Server Microsoft Certified Master and event lead to SQLSaturday Cambridge, the UKs first ever SQLSaturday. A frequent speaker at international events, User Group and Virtual Chapter leader and current PASS UK Regional Mentor, Mark is always looking to support and grow the global Community.

Registration will start from 6.00pm. Nibbles and refreshments will be provided.