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User Group Meetup #9 (the rescheduled meeting)

I’m delighted to announce a one-time only joint session meetup between the Cambridgeshire SQL Server User Group and the East Anglia SharePoint User Group on Tuesday 23 September 2014 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM, and as such we have chosen two excellent cross-platform sessions that we think will appeal to your all. We have excellent speakers in Penny Coventry and Francois Souyri who will wow you with the sessions below. The agenda will be as follows:

  • 18:30 – Registration
  • 18:45 – Session 1
  • 19:45 – Break
  • 20:00 – Session 2
  • 21:00 – Close and SharePint (or is this SQLPint)

To register for this meetup, please head over here.

Session 1: Penny Coventry – Creating and Enhancing Access Web Apps

In this session, after a brief introduction on how to use Microsoft Access 2013 to build Microsoft SharePoint apps with a full SQL Server database, she will enhance the Access app, by directly connecting to the apps SQL Server database; thereby the app can be enhanced using several methods, such as, using Business Connectivity Services (BCS), Microsoft Visio 2013 and several Business Intelligence technologies. Although this session only includes no-code demonstrations, she will be discussing techniques that Business Analysts, SharePoint and SQL Server experts tend to use and will show that once the experts have completed their configuration, power users can quickly enhance Access Web Apps. Penny will highlight any limitations between using Office 365 or an on-premises installation of Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

Session 2: Francois Souyri – BI Tools in Office 365

There has been a lot of noise about PowerBI since its beta over a year ago. Does it mean we have to developing bespoke reports soon ? What does it mean for my BI road map ?
This session will attempt to describe where Microsoft is leading us , which tools are revolutionising data acquisition and reporting and why it makes sense to follow this path.
In a live demo we will extract some data from a SharePoint site, visualise them meaningfully with PowerPivot, PowerView, PowerMap and finally publish them back to Office365 PowerBI and PowerQ&A to close the circle.

Registration will start from 6.30pm. Nibbles and refreshments will be provided.

SQLCambs User Group Meeting #6 with Jen Stirrup, Peter Baddeley and Stephanie Herr

6.15 pm – Stephanie Herr – Source control, unit testing, and continuous integration for database development

This session focuses on why you should source control your database and shows how easy it is to do within SSMS using Red Gate’s SQL Source Control.  Once your database is in source control, it can be brought into your continuous integration environment so that it can be built and tested alongside your application changes.
7.00 pm – Jen Stirrup – Big Data Overview for the Microsoft Business Intelligence Professional
Big Data is the latest buzzword, and we will demystify the Microsoft offering of Big Data technology in an overview, aimed at SQL Server Business Intelligence professionals. Microsoft have partnered with HortonWorks to bring Big Data into the hands of business users via their favourite Business Intelligence tools – Power View, PowerPivot and Excel.
We will review the Microsoft distribution of Hadoop, covering a range of technologies such as HDInsight, Hive, Azure right through to Excel, PowerPivot and Power View.
The first half of the session will be dedicated to the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of Hadoop, using HDInsight. Now that we have our Big Data, how are we going to serve it to business users in order to derive value for the enterprise? The second half of the session is dedicated to the ‘why’ of Big Data. We will visualise Big Data in our favourite Business Intelligence tools – Excel, PowerPivot and Power View.
Business Intelligence professionals will need to know about Big Data, and come to this session to learn about implementing Big Data for your enterprise.
8.00 pm – Peter Baddeley – I work with SQL why should I care about SharePoint
SQL is fundamental to every deployment of SharePoint, and increasingly many organisations have or are planning some form of SharePoint deployment. As a SQL Professional you can’t ignore SharePoint, and instead you should be actively engaged in its implementation to be to better support the solution.  This session will be an introduction to some of the key considerations around SQL for SharePoint including different database, sizing, naming and a few common issues encountered. It will also introduce the SharePoint integration to Reporting Services which has been enhanced in SQL 2012.  The session will be relevant to you regardless of your version of SharePoint, and will also introduce considerations for SharePoint 2013.  Finally it will make the case that you how and why you should get actively in your organisations SharePoint deployment.